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Joined: 5th Sep 2014
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18th Sep 2014

I really love this server, only there could be some improvements.

1) Working vote with rewards, this will help the server to get more players.
    - reward 1: 5m coins
    - reward 2: tradable vote ( if you vote for this you won't get any vote points but you will be able to claim the             point by using the ticket)
    - reward 3: double exp lamp (skilling only), only for 1h
2) Vote points store 
    - not sure about the items, but somthing like pvp armor; etc...
3) Donating
    - Option to donate for the server
    - donation point store
    - donator titles 
    - donator zone (custom bosses,etc..)
4) Prestiging
    - optoin to prestige combat skills cause you can max out at the beggining of the game
    - prestige points
    - prestige shop
5) Minigames
    - Jad should be harder, but should also drop some tokkul
    - pest control -> void armor -> remove void from pvm store
    - assault minigame -> getting dye's to colour whip and dbow -> remove dyes from shop
    - ....
6) Quest
    - Quest needed to be able to wear goliath-, swift-, and spellcaster-gloves
    - ....
7) Bosses
    - new bosses 
    - avatar of destruction
    - barrelchest -> drops anchor
    - forgotten warrior -> drops chaotics or maybe primals
    - strykewyrms -> drops sol
    - daggonath kings -> drops rings (i) -> remove ring(i) from expensive shop

These are just some ideas that i think may improve the server, all feedback is welcome

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Last Edit: 18th Sep 2014 by Ozkush
Joined: 29th Aug 2014
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20th Sep 2014

once you vote and we confirmed this meet me ingame and i will give you 3m till we get vote store fixed
Joined: 29th Aug 2014
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20th Sep 2014

barrelchest is out btw too
Joined: 5th Sep 2014
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21st Sep 2014

didn't see barrelchest in game?
Joined: 25th Sep 2014
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25th Sep 2014

A Few Ingame Suggestions Would be for you to to Fix...
Quest Tab, Make Them Work, and Not lead to Poanizer Website. In need of Code i have.
Task Tab, Have it Hold Server Announcements, and Simple Account Details, In Need of Code i have.
Maybe a little less crowd on the Home, (Objects, NPC's ect.)
Maybe making Shops a little Less also. Instead of having 500 Shops, have 2 or three that have Multiple Dialogues, that Open Different Shops.
Fix The -Random Event- Interface that pops up when you play for a certain ammount of time, or finish whatever you were doing with it, because its very disturbing when it pops up 5 times+ when your trying to mine.
Fix the AutoRelate Sprite, you can get them from any 718 Source's Cache. So it has the little guy with the sword when its not AutoRelate and When it Is,
Game Crash, when i click on ToolBelt.

These are just a few things you dont have to do, of course. Just a plain thought of mind. Thanks for having me, Famed, and Exotiic
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Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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